SHeetmetal software - RADAN 2020.0
SHeetmetal software - RADAN 2020.0
SHeetmetal software - RADAN 2020.0
SHeetmetal software - RADAN 2020.0
SHeetmetal software - RADAN 2020.0
SHeetmetal software - RADAN 2020.0

RADAN Version 2020.0


RADAN CADCAM 2020 is only available as a 64-bit version – it is not possible to install this version on a 32-bit operating system.

3D CAD | Import and Export

This version of the software supports import of Inventor 2019, Solid Edge 2019 (ST11), SolidWorks 2019.

RADAN CADCAM | Nesting Workflow

All users who use RADAN to create nests now benefit from the more visual nesting environment that nest projects offer – but without the upfront setup this used to require. Now, as soon as the user enters nest mode, the familiar nest projects interface layout appears.

RADAN CADCAM | Project Templates

Nest projects and project templates can now be machine specific making it even easier to create a new nest or switch from nesting for one machine to another.

RADAN CADCAM | Importing Existing Nests

Users can now import existing nests into their nest project to make use of work that has already done.

RADAN CADCAM | Single Part Layout

RADAN 2020 makes it very easy to combine the rich user experience of nest projects with the flexibility and speed of single part layout as a nesting method. Whether the parts are already in the nest project or not, the user never breaks their flow.

RADAN CADCAM | New Punching Tool Type

A new punching tool type has been added to support ‘flattening tools’.

RADAN CADCAM | Configure

The Configure menu is now available in more modes, making it faster to access machine settings or to change the active machine tool.

RADAN | Radbend – Intermediate Bends

Intermediate bends are bend operations that are split up in two steps, where the start/end bend operation is split up again. They can now be used to solve challenging bends like hems.

RADAN | Radbend – Holes Near Bends

A new option will check for holes near bends in the clamp position phase while checking for collisions in background or in full simulation and act as any other collision check (which can be ignored or cause the batch process to fail).

RADAN | Radtube – Common Cutting

When legacy parts are opened, and they do not have the Common Line Cutting flags set, they are now automatically marked if the ends are suitable for common cutting.

RADAN | Radtube – Multinest Optimisation

A new control is now available when using Multinest that allows the user to optimise for time or material usage.

RADAN | Radtube – Reporting

Radtube now uses the same standard reporting tool as the other RADAN products, allowing access to charting tools, QR codes, etc.

RADAN | Radquote – Material Calculations

Radquote 2020.0 now uses the new nesting engine to calculate the material utilisation of irregularly shaped parts, increasing the change of winning the order. No user setting is required.

RADAN | Radquote – Automatic Export of Order Information

Radquote can be configured to automatically export information if a quote is turned into an order. The export formats available are:

  • PDF
  • Comma delimited (.CSV)
  • Plain text (.TXT)
  • Excel (.XLS or .XLSX)

RADAN | Radquote – 3D File Support

Radquote now automatically imports and unfolds 3D parts ready for quoting.